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11+ DIY Quiet Fidget Toys for Girls with ADHD

If you are a parent with a kid who has a fidget spinner, then you might be frustrated hearing that spinner spin and spin all day long.

While fidget toys have been instrumental in helping my girls with ADHD, it has also brought about a new annoyance, the noise that comes with some fidget toys.

Fidget toys aren’t exactly known for being quiet, so these DIY quiet fidget toys have been a lifesaver! These are great for visiting a doctor’s office, library, or anywhere else that you need to be quiet.

If you’re looking for a great quiet fidget toy for your daughter or a girl in your life, you can make your own with these 13 helpful quiet DIY fidget toys!

These DIY fidgets are all super quiet! Over 20 DIY quiet fidget toys that you can make yourself! Perfect for kids with ADHD!

How to Use DIY Quiet Fidget Toys

A lot of fidget toys make noise, particularly the DIY variety. But these fidget tools for girls are all quiet!

The best way to use a quiet fidget toy is to offer it when your daughter is having trouble with staying still or quiet, such as during meetings, in school, or on long car trips.

And what’s even more fun is that these quiet fidgets are all DIY projects, so your daughter can make them herself!

behavior chart for adhd

ADHD Books for Girls

If you are raising a girl with ADHD, you’ll find these books helpful!

The Best DIY Quiet Fidget Toys for Girls

These DIY quiet fidget toys for girls are soundless, so you can use them and take them just about anywhere!

isiting a doctor’s office, library, or anywhere else that you need to be quiet.

Quiet Fidget Spinners for Girls

Your kids can feel like ninja without making any noise with the help of these Ninja Fidget Spinners.

This Easy Fidget Spinner is a great way to let your kids fidget with something quietly.

Learn how to make your own DIY Fidget Spinners to help your ADHD daughter fidget with something when she needs it!

Quiet Fidget Toys for Girls

This Infinity Cube Fidget Toy is a great inexpensive way to let your gets fidget with something quietly.

If your kids can’t still this No-Sew Mermaid Fidget Bag is a great quiet solution!

Use this free sewing template and pattern to make a fun Diy Marble Maze to keep your little one’s hands busy.

Keep your kids busy with this helpful and quiet Visual Scanning Activity.

Quiet Chewlery for Girls

Make your own DIY Chewelry that your kids can quietly chew on whenever they need to.

Learn how to make Chewable Sensory Necklaces for kids that can also be used as a fidget necklace or a sensory necklace, similar to a teething necklace.

This DIY Fidget Tool Zipper Pull is a great option for kids who need something to keep their hands busy.

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Quiet Desk Fidgets for Kids

This Desk Fidget Tool is perfect for a classroom environment where your kids need to be quiet.

Use balloons to make these simple, and creative fidget Sensory Balls for kids.

This calming Weighted Fidget Toy is perfect for kids who need something to quietly fidget with.

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