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Hello fellow ADHD parent, I’m Brenda…

And I help parents just like you learn to become the best parents and allies they can be to their girls with ADHD.

I know what it’s like to be…

  • Completely worn out and exhausted before noon because of the constant up and down, up and down, up and down demands of my daughters with ADHD.
  • Trying new schedules, new routines, new diets, new shampoos, and new homework strategies to try and help my girls with ADHD succeed (but never quite finding anything that works).
  • Searching for help on how to support a daughter with ADHD but only finding resources for boys.

But I’ve spent the last 14 years parenting girls with ADHD and learning what strategies work (and what definitely doesn’t work) for supporting a daughter with ADHD.

Finally, after 14 years, I now:

  • Enjoy life with my daughters without any expecation that they act like other girls
  • Have a set of tools I can implement to support any bout of anxiety, hyperactivity, or meltdown
  • Relax in the knowledge that I’ve supplied my daughters with everything they need to succeed in the future as adult women with ADHD.

And I’d personally love it if every parent of a girl with ADHD had the same success and worry-free mindset about their daughter with ADHD.

That’s why I founded ADHDSupergirls! Want to stay connected?

check this out>>>

But wait… who are you?

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I’m Brenda, an ADHD mom of 3 daughters- all with ADHD and at least one with autism.

Our ADHD journey started when my oldest daughter was in preschool and she just didn’t fit in with the other girls. She was impulsive, had no social boundaries, and was hyperactive. It took until she was 9 years old to get her official ADHD diagnosis, and ever since then, I’ve made it my mission to become educated on ADHD in girls and support my daughters with ADHD by becoming an ADHD advocate and supporter.

I myself was officially diagnosed with ADHD in 2021 and my middle daughter was diagnosed at the age of 7. My youngest daughter shows all the signs of having ADHD at age 2.5.

I believe that girls with ADHD need much more support than they get. Just because a girl isn’t struggling in school or acting aggressive to others doesn’t mean she isn’t drowning.

It is my goal to provide education and support to other caregivers of girls with ADHD so that no more girls with ADHD needlessly suffer from anxiety, depression, or self-harm- or die by suicide.

We believe that girls with ADHD should be acknowledged, but more than that, they should be celebrated!

We believe that girls with ADHD have unique struggles and abilities and should be supported.

We are here for girls with ADHD.

Welcome to the supergirl family!

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