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Non-Distracting Fidget Toys for Girls with ADHD

Non-Distracting Fidget Toys for Girls with ADHD

When it comes to parenting girls with ADHD, there are some things that can make a massive difference in a girl’s productivity in addition to standard treatments such as medication or diet changes.

I’ve talked about classroom-friendly fidget tools before, but this list of products focuses on other items that can help a girl with ADHD succeed in a classroom setting.

Not all products will work equally well for all girls with ADHD, but these are the non-distracting fidget toys for girls with ADHD that my own kids prefer when trying to concentrate in the classroom and at home.

Try one or two items at a time, and over a few weeks, you’ll soon be able to identify what tools are distractions for girls with ADHD and what tools actually help your daughter focus.

Try sending one or two of these fidget toys with your daughter to school each day (discuss it with the teacher first, so that the teacher doesn’t take the tools away from your daughter).

Not all products will work equally well for all girls with ADHD, but these are the ADHD tools for the classroom that girls with ADHD use and prefer when trying to concentrate in the classroom and at home.

Non-Distracting Fidget Toys for Girls with ADHD

If your daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD by a medical professional, it might help her focus and prevent distractions if she uses a fidget tool. non-distracting fidget toys have been really helpful for my girls in school, and I’ve included their favorites on the list, too!

Below you’ll find some of the best fidget tools for girls with ADHD.

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How to Choose the Best ADHD Fidget Toys for Girls

Not every class has the same rules on what is acceptable in the classroom. To go outside of these standard rules, you’ll probably have to prove that your daughter benefits from the use of the tools.

You can ask for a meeting with your daughter’s teacher and the school’s administrative staff to request special considerations for the needs of your daughter.

The tools aren’t meant to be “fun” necessarily, just provide an outlet for the daughter to move around, which for an ADHD girl, actually helps improve their concentration. If the tool isn’t doing that, and it’s distracting the girl from the lesson, it’s not the right tool for that girl.

Want to try non-traditional fidgets? Try these fun DIY fidget toys for girls with ADHD.

In my experience, there are three main ways that a girl with ADHD moves around and fidgets in the classroom.

Some kids fidget with their hands, picking at skin, rubbing their hands together, playing with pencils, doodling, tapping the desk, etc.

Another form of fidgeting is bodily movement, where the girl wiggles in their seat, bounces a leg, jiggles their feet, stands up frequently, falls out of the chair, and is otherwise distracting with their body movement. This is the form of fidgeting my daughter does most often.

The third kind of fidgeting is oral. Some kids chew constantly on anything they can get their hands on, like pens, pencils, straws, fingers, hair, paper, cloth, or pretty much anything.

Many girls with ADHD will show multiple types of fidgeting behavior, but it’s helpful to know which is the most common for your daughter before sending them to school with fidgets.

Teachers should provide for all types of fidgeting in their fidget toolkits.

fidget tools for the classroom

The Best Fidget Toys for ADHD in Girls

These are the best fidget toys for girls with ADHD that we’ve found to date!

Girls who have ADHD often have BIG emotions because one of the hallmarks of ADHD is poor impulse control.

So, where a neurotypical girl might realize she can’t throw her pencil at an annoying classmate or she’ll get into trouble, the girl with ADHD goes right ahead and throws that pencil. Then, when asked later *why* she threw the pencil when she got in trouble, she can’t answer, because she really didn’t think at all.

There wasn’t a why, just an impulse. Usually, events like this start a snowball effect of negative behavior, with more punishments, anger, and explosive emotions.

But, if you can give your daughter with ADHD the tools she needs to stop and think before the initial event occurs, then she is better equipped to stop the cycle. Fidget toys for girls can help stop the cycle!

Chewy Fidgets for Girls with ADHD

fidget tools for girls

Try these ADHD tools if your daughter has a need for oral stimulation.

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Hand Fidgets for ADHD

fidget tools for adhd

Try these ADHD tools if your daughter needs to touch and feel everything.

Movement Fidgets for ADHD

Try these fidget tools if your daughter needs to move.

Non-Distracting Fidgets for ADHD

best fidgets for adhd girls

Try these tools if your daughter is easily distracted.

It will typically take time to discover the precise object that will help a girl with ADHD focus the best, but these ADHD tools for the classroom will definitely help you get on the right track.

In addition to the classroom, you can also add some of these products to your daughter’s homework station at home, so they can focus easily during homework as well.

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