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20+ Fun and Functional Sensory Toys for ADHD Girls

ADHD sensory tools are an essential part of any relief kid for parents and caregivers of girls with ADHD.

Girls who have ADHD often have unique sensory needs to prevent them from engaging in behavior like skin picking, hair pulling, or biting their nails.

These sensory toys for ADHD can help alleviate some of those physical fidgeting urges as well as help girls with ADHD reduce anxiety and feel more secure in any environment.

Keep reading to learn more about the sensory toys for girls with ADHD that my daughters use every day!

Over 20 fun ideas for sensory toys for ADHD! Girls with ADHD will love these sensory toys that meet every kind of sensory need!

Fun and Useful Sensory Toys for ADHD Girls

Girls with ADHD often have sensory needs that other kids don’t. Some girls may like touching things, some girls might like fiddling with things, and other girls might want to avoid certain textures or feelings on their skin.

The following list are sensory toys for girls with ADHD that my daughters use and love daily and provide relief from anxiety, stress, and gives them something to do other than picking at skin, hair, or nails.

behavior chart for adhd

Practical Sensory Toys for Girls with ADHD

Try these sensory toys for ADHD if you have a daughter or girl in your life with ADHD!

Sensory Fidget Cubes for ADHD

My eldest daughter prefers a fidget cube. She likes fidget cubes that spin, and fidget cubes that have buttons.

Tactile Sensory Toys for ADHD Girls

Girls with ADHD will probably love a slime making kit! My daughters spend as much time as possible making slime each weekend that I let them.

Scented dough adds another sense to tactile play.

Scented pencils make school and homework a lot more fun for my ADHD girls.

MY 8 year-old daughter really enjoys playing with kinetic sand so I usually buy her a batch every year.

Sensory Pop-Its for ADHD

All of my girls love pop-its. Sure, they are trendy, but it also helps them have something to do with their hands so they aren’t bouncing in their seats during class or chewing their fingers or pencils.

My daughters love Among Us, so they really like this one.

My middle daughter of course likes the typical girly-shaped pop-its.

My youngest daughter likes animal-shaped pop-its.

Tangle Fidgets for ADHD

A tangle fidget is nice for using in class because it doesn’t make a lot of sound and helps keep girls’ brains focused on the task at hand without distracting others. These are our favorites.

If you have a daughter with ADHD, check out these fun sensory toys for girls with ADHD!

Chewy Sensory Toys for ADHD

Not every girl with ADHD likes to chew, but my middle daughter has high chew needs. She is always chewing on something, so to prevent if from being her school supplies, I send her with these chew necklaces.

Stretch Fidgets for ADHD

My middle daughter has stated that the stretchy fidgets are what she finds the most helpful for calming down and relieving anxiety. Grab a set here.

behavior chart for girls

Marble Sensory Toys for ADHD

My older daughter likes the way the marble fidgets have a mesh texture and are able to be used without drawing attention to her. This set has so many fun colors.

More Sensory Toys for ADHD Girls

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