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Non-Distracting Fidget Bracelets for Girls with ADHD

Girls with ADHD often fidget and play with things like pencils and pens, their hair, nails, teeth, zippers, or other fidgety objects. One of the signs of ADHD in girls is this fidgety behavior.

However, these activities can either be harmful to her body or distracting for the class. But you can’t tell a girl with ADHD to just stop doing those activities, they are compelling and very difficult to control. No need to make parenting girls with ADHD any harder!

So enter fidget bracelets for girls with ADHD along with other fidget toys.

Girls with ADHD often fidget and play with things like pencils and pens, their hair, nails, teeth, and zippers. Put this instinct in a positive place with these fidget bracelets for girls with ADHD.

These bracelet options offer “safe” ways to fidget and are not as distracting or harmful as some other fidgety behavior.

What to Look For in a Fidget Bracelet for ADHD

Everyone’s fidget style is a little different.

My eldest daughter is a bouncer. She jiggles, dances, wiggles, and rocks constantly.

My middle daughter is a chewer. She chews pencils, hair, shoelaces, and pretty much anything she can get her hands on.

I am a picker (as gross as that sounds). I pick at nails, skin, glue, pretty much anything around me that can be pulled apart. In school, I used to tear pieces of paper in addition to the other habits.

behavior chart for adhd

So when you pick a fidget bracelet, think about what sort of fidgeting behavior you find soothing, and pick a bracelet that aligns with that.

My eldest daughter would prefer a fidget bracelet with a lot of options, like the first bracelet on our list.

My middle daughter would need a bracelet that is sturdy and easy-to-clean because she would chew on it.

I would need a bracelet that I could pick at, which is why I would probably pick the bracelet with the tie clasp that I could knot and unknot throughout the day.

My Favorite Fidget Bracelets for Girls with ADHD

I love these fidget bracelets for ADHD because they offer a variety of sensory input which can suit a variety of ADHD fidget urges, and they are all fairly low-cost, so when the girl with ADHD inevitably loses the bracelet, you haven’t broken the bank.

Rainbow Bead Fidget Bracelet

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This fun little sensory bracelet has tons of texture and looks super cute on the hand or as a backpack accessory!

Multi Layer Fidget Bracelet

fidget bracelet adhd girls

Anything you can pick at and sort of pick at and mess with without it causing too much sound can work as a bracelet fidget for girls with ADHD. This set comes with a lot of options, and there are a lot of ways to fidget with it, which will help with multiple forms of sensory input.

Fidget Spinner Bracelet

fidget spinner bracelet girls adhd

This fidget bracelet has a fidget spinner attached, and it has multiple attachment points which means you can fidget with it in a variety of ways. But be warmed, if the fidget spinner is fully unattached, it will most likely get lost within seconds.

Tie-Up Bead Bracelet

tie up bead bracelet fidget adhd

This tie-up bead bracelet is made from lava stone. The beads can spin, but the tie ends is what attracts the bracelet to my ADHD brain. You can also put essential oils on the lava rocks if you are so inclined.

Spinning Charm Bracelet

spinning fidget bracelet adhd

This spinning charm bracelet is a little spinning globe that you can add to any charm bracelet. The spinning globe piece is satisfyingly and makes for a quiet fidget and might help reduce nail picking, hair twirling, or other undesirable fidgets.

Magnetic Bead Bracelet

magnetic adhd bracelet

I’ve always found magnets to be pretty soothing for some odd reason, maybe it’s an ADHD thing? But at any rate, this magnetic bead bracelet would provide a lot of sensory input. It can even grab things like paperclips and coins, which is pretty cool.

Chain Link Bracelet

chain link fidget adhd bracelet

This chain-link bracelet might not be suitable for all girls with ADHD (it tends to run large), but if you like the sort of clinky, never-ending pattern sort of sensory input, you should like this bracelet.

The Best Fidget Bracelets for ADHD Girls

behavior chart for girls

In the end, the best fidget bracelet is one that satisfies the fidgeting urge without causing too much distraction for others. So if this is your first attempt at picking up a fidget bracelet, don’t be too discouraged if you pick out a kind that doesn’t work for you initially.

It can take some time to identify a suitable replacement for your natural fidget behavior, so keep your receipts and return if necessary until you find the right fidget bracelet for your ADHD.

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