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How to Make Easy DIY Fidget Toys for Girls with ADHD

If you are raising or parenting a girl with ADHD, then you know how important fidgets can be!

Without them, your girl might tear her skin, pluck out her hair, rip clothing, or chew on school supplies.

But when you give her the right kind of fidget toys, life is much easier.

Find fun resources for DIY fidget toys for girls with ADHD below.

DIY fidget toys for girls with ADHD are easy to make and a fun way to bond. So many fun fidget toys to make!

How to Make a DIY Fidget

Making a DIY fidget is easier than you think!

If you are looking for inexpensive fidget toys for girls with ADHD, you can select any of the links below and get access to tons of low-cost homemade fidget toys that you can make alone or with your daughter to create a lot of fun fidgets that will not only provide help with focus, but might cut down on anxiety, too!

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The Best Fidgets for Girls with ADHD

My girls love fidgets. Not every fidget will fulfill the same need in every girl with ADHD. My girls like the fidgets that help them feel calm and relaxed and that give them something to do.

Here are their favorite fidget catagories:


All of my girls love pop-its. Sure, they are trendy, but it also helps them have something to do with their hands so they aren’t bouncing in their seats during class or chewing their fingers or pencils.

My daughters love Among Us, so they really like this one.

My middle daughter of course likes the typical girly-shaped pop-its.

My youngest daughter likes animal-shaped pop-its.

Stretch Fidgets

My middle daughter has stated that the stretchy fidgets are what she finds the most helpful for calming down and relieving anxiety. Grab a set here.

Tangle Fidgets

A tangle fidget is nice for using in class because it doesn’t make a lot of sound and helps keep girls’ brains focused on the task at hand without distracting others. These are our favorites.

Chewy Fidgets

Not every girl with ADHD likes to chew, but my middle daughter has high chew needs. She is always chewing on something, so to prevent if from being her school supplies, I send her with these chew necklaces.

Marble Fidgets

My older daughter likes the way the marble fidgets have a mesh texture and are able to be used without drawing attention to her. This set has so many fun colors.

Fidget Cubes

My eldest daughter prefers a fidget cube. She likes fidget cubes that spin, and fidget cubes that have buttons.

Don't buy expensive fidget toys any more! Instead, make these homemade fidget toys with your daughter to soothe ADHD symptoms.

DIY Fidget Toys for ADHD

If your daughter needs fidgets, she might like making her own! These DIY fidget toys for ADHD are tons of fun.

Fidget Bracelets for ADHD

If your daughter has to fidget, she will like these fidget bracelets for ADHD.

Non-Distracting Fidgets

Sometimes you just need some non-distracting fidgets. Here are some ideas.

Non-Distracting Fidget Toys for Girls with ADHD

These non-distracting fidget toys for girls with ADHD can be used if you don’t want to have to make your own!

DIY Fidget Toys for ADHD

If your daughter has ADHD, then these DIY fidget toys for ADHD will be perfect!

DIY Quiet Fidget Toys

I much prefer quiet fidgets to loud ones. And luckily, DIY quiet fidget toys are easy to make!

DIY Fidget Toys with Beads 

If you have beads, you can make a fidget! Here are some ideas for what to make for DIY fidget toys with beads.

DIY Fidget Bracelet for Anxiety

If your daughter tends to feel anxious, this DIY fidget bracelet for anxiety can help.

DIY Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners aren’t crazy-trendy at the moment, but I still like them. Watching a fidget spinner spin is one of the few things that can calm my youngest daughter. These DIY fidget spinners can be made at home!

DIY Stress Fidget Toys

Stress balls and other stress fidgets are the OG fidgets! Learn how to make DIY stress fidget toys here.

DIY Fidgets for Anxiety

For girls with anxiety, these DIY fidgets for anxiety can make a big difference!

DIY Fidget Cubes

If you have some time, these DIY fidget cubes are a lot of fun to make!

Fidget Keychain DIY

Older kids will like a fidget keychain DIY that isn’t super noticeable.

Fidget toys for girls with ADHD are easy to make! Try these homemade fidget ideas and find out just how much fun it is!

Easy DIY Fidget Toys to Make

Sometimes you just need an easy project! These easy DIY fidget toys to make are the perfect solution.

DIY Fidget Toys with Paper

Got paper? You can make these DIY fidget toys with paper!

DIY Chew Necklace

If your daughter loves to chew, then she will appreciate this DIY chew necklace.

DIY Fidget Toys with Pipe Cleaners

My youngest daughter is obsessed with pipe cleaner fidgets. These DIY fidget toys with pipe cleaners make useful and inexpensive fidget supports for girls with ADHD.

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