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3 Types of Non-Distracting Fidgets Perfect for Girls with ADHD

Teachers and those parenting girls with ADHD know that girls with ADHD do not respond to lessons and communication in the same way as girls without ADHD. That is where non-distracting fidgets come into play.

Girls with ADHD cannot sit still, but with the right tools, that energy can be harnessed and focused so that children can focus on the task at hand.

Fidget toys for ADHD are not really toys, as they are tools that children with ADHD use to make it easier to concentrate.

3 types of non-distracting fidget toys for girls with ADHD. Chewy fidgets, soft fidget toys, and quiet fidget toys that won't cause issues in the classroom.

The Research on Fidget Toys

Research suggests that these fidgety tools, although they seem distracting, actually help children with ADHD learn better. 

With at least 4 out of 5 family members with ADHD, we’re quite familiar with fidgeting and fidgets for girls with ADHD. 

My oldest daughter often uses these tools to help improve focus in class and at home while doing homework. We prefer quiet fidget toys that she can use that won’t distract others, which is why we save fidget spinners and clicky fidgets for home use.

And our middle daughter is oral sensory seeking and chewy fidgets are about the only thing that keeps her from getting sick all the time!

Non-Distracting Fidgets For Girls with ADHD

behavior chart for adhd

These non-distracting fidget toys for ADHD will boost concentration without bothering others in the classroom. We prefer toys that don’t have the possibility of falling onto the floor, making a racket, or bouncing around the classroom.

These fidget toys for ADHD provide a focus boost without bothering others in the class. Most can be discreetly used inside a pocket or under the desk. You can also supply some of these for your daughter to use during homework.

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Fidget Toys for Concentations

adhd fidget toys

Use these fidgets for kids who love more traditional fidgets. Many of these fidges can be requested in your ADHD accommodation paperwork and put into your IEP plan if you find that they are helpful for facilitating your daughter’s learning.

Brain Break Cards for Girls with ADHD

Girls are easily overwhelmed with work if they have ADHD. One simple way to help a girl with ADHD reset is to implement brain breaks. These 60-second activities help reset a girl’s brain and gets her out of the flight or fight mode. You can use these at home or in the classroom!

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Soft Fidget Toys

Girls with ADHD do not respond to lessons and communication in the same way as girls without ADHD. That is where fidget tools for ADHD come into play.

Kids who love softer textures will love these softer fidgets. Teachers often like students to use the softer distraction tools when in class as they are less distracting for the other students.

behavior chart for girls

Chewy Fidgets for ADHD

Kids who love chewing will appreciate these chewy fidgets for ADHD. My eldest daughter isn’t into chewy fidgets, but my middle daughter is *obsessed* with chewing things, and she is always putting undesirable things into her mouth, so I always try to give her a couple of these things so that she’s not putting her mouth on things that will make her sick.

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