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20+ Printable ADHD Charts for Home That Work for Girls!

Girls with ADHD struggle with keeping up with tasks, often have trouble remembering things, and often struggle with executive function. That’s why ADHD charts for home can be so useful for girls with ADHD, but there is a catch!

The wrong kind of chart can actually hurt a girl with ADHD more than it helps. Since I have three daughters with ADHD and also have ADHD myself, I have a lot of experience shifting through the types of ADHD charts out there and have found that, in general, they aren’t great.

Except for the ones I’ve made for my own daughters. Those tend to work great because I avoid the common pitfalls of most behavior charts that can cause problems.

Read about our full experience with ADHD charts below!

Girls with ADHD require a whole new set of parenting tools! Keep girls with ADHD on track with these printable ADHD charts for home!

Printable ADHD Charts for Home

Keep reading to find a list of printable ADHD charts for home that our family of ADHD girls actually approves of, and learn why certain charts will never work for girls with ADHD!

Do Behavior Charts Work for Girls with ADHD?

A lot of parents of ADHD girls ask me, do behavior charts work for girls with ADHD?

The answer to this question is complicated, but in general, I don’t think behavior charts are a good solution for girls with ADHD, unless they meet specific standards that prevent the idea that your daughter is “bad” for acting a certain way.

Girls with ADHD tend to take punishment internally (at least my three girls do) and this means that every time they are punished, they feel like they are a bad person, rather than a person who made a mistake.

Girls with ADHD also often struggle with self-esteem issues, so using the traditional behavior chart style can cause more problems than it solves.

However, the behavior charts that I’ve made here at ADHD Supergirls avoid these pitfalls and can be a simple solution for helping your daughter track moods and whether she’s making healthy or unhealthy choices (which is how I phrase choices with my girls).

ADHD Behavior Chart for Girls with ADHD

I made a ADHD behavior chart for girls that tracks good behavior rather than tracking bad behavior. This prevents the self-esteem issues that often arise with traditional behavior charts for girls with ADHD.

behavior chart for adhd

Why I’m Not a Fan of ADHD Behavior Charts for Home

I have pretty strong opinions on behavior ADHD charts for home because a lot of the time kids can get easily labeled as “bad” and they are fairly shaming for every kid, but especially girls with ADHD who take things so closely to heart.

But if you want to read the full story, here’s why I’m not a fan of ADHD behavior charts for home.

Print and Go ADHD Chore Chart for Girls

One thing that many girls with ADHD struggle with is keeping up with basic life skills like chores and hygiene. That’s why we use a lot of charts to keep track of things in our house. This print and go ADHD chore chart for girls is the one we use at our house!

Printable Reward Chart for ADHD Child

Rewards charts can be very motivating for girls with ADHD! Here is a simple printable reward chart for an ADHD child that you can print and use to keep track of good behavior!

Keep reading to find a list of printable ADHD charts for home that our family of ADHD girls actually approves of, and learn why certain charts will never work for girls with ADHD!

ADHD Checklist for Girls

One of the hard parts about having ADHD is keeping on track. I’ve had to spend my entire life teaching myself and my girls how to keep track of everything I have to get through in a day (it usually involves a detailed daily calendar, multiple daily alarms, and other reminders that I even STILL often forget or ignore).

But this ADHD checklist for girls will help your daughter keep track of her day simply and effectively.

Print and Go Girl Behavior Chart for Girls with ADHD

If you want a girl behavior chart for girls with ADHD, this is the place to go to find it! It’s friendly, doesn’t shame a girl for having emotions or making mistakes, and focuses on the positive rather than the negative.

behavior chart for adhd

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