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Relatable ADHD Things for Parents of Girls with ADHD

Do you have a daughter with ADHD? If you’re parenting girls with ADHD, then you will be able to relate to these things.

These relatable ADHD things for parents of girls with ADHD isn’t meant to be mean-spirited or judging in any way, just a fun commiseration for parents of girls with ADHD.

Read the list and have a chuckle!

parents of girl with adhd can relate to

Relatable ADHD Things Only Parents of Daughters with ADHD Know

If you are the parent of a girl with ADHD, there are a lot of misconceptions out there, and some commonalities between us all. Tell us how many you relate to in the comments!

behavior chart for adhd

Your girls are judged for being “too much.”

Girls are expected to fit in a narrow behavior box. They are calm, quiet, and don’t rock the boat. Of course, our ADHD girls defy all the conventional thinking about how a girl should act (and we love them for it!). But, because our girls are one-of-a-kind, other adults will judge them for their actions, behavior, disorganization, and impulsiveness.

things adhd parents relate to

You’re a bad parent for medicating, or for not medicating, your daughter.

Yep, this is your fault no matter what you do. If you medicate, you are allowing bad behavior to thrive and potentially “damaging” your daughter’s health.

If you don’t medicate, you’re causing your child to needlessly suffer and are a “hippie parent.”

Of course, parents of girls with ADHD know that sometimes medicating is the right choice, and sometimes it isn’t. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this issue.

things adhd parents deal with

Life is a rollercoaster

Girls with ADHD tend to have strong emotions, and they also lack impulse control. When these traits combine, you’ll either have the happiest girls in the world or the most depressed girls in the world. Often within the span of an hour.

But here’s a secret: snacks help.

Everyone has a solution.

Tell your family and friends that your daughter has ADHD and suddenly, everyone has the *exact right thing* that will help. Maybe it’s eliminating gluten (it’s usually gluten). Maybe it’s enforcing more boundaries. Maybe it’s a new supplement your aunt read about.

But most of us have tried everything, and as ADHD is genetic, it’s unlikely that your weird cousin’s remedy is going to make a difference. But thanks anyway, Karen.

relatable things girls adhd

You will always worry.

Girls with ADHD have it rough. Most people assume that ADHD is for boys, which means that if your daughter is struggling, it’s her fault. Because of this, even during periods when she is doing well, you’ll be on constant alert for any slight, unfair treatment, and struggle that might be just over the horizon.

behavior chart for girls

You are a better parent.

When I let go of the fact that my children’s behavior and personalities were not tied to my “success” as a parent, that’s when I became a better parent. Having a daughter with ADHD makes you more empathetic, kind, and understanding. Not just to your own daughter, but also to everyone else out there.

You understand that certain kids just can’t do things like other kids, and that’s totally fine and even something to be celebrated.

What are some things that you find all parents of girls with ADHD relate to?

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