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Sensory Toys that Prevent Skin or Hair Picking with ADHD

Sensory toys that prevent skin or hair picking are one of the most useful ADHD sensory tools to use. My girls each have a special type of fidget that they prefer to use to keep their hands busy, so you might need to experiment with a few different types of fidgets until you find what is the most helpful.

My daughters all pick at their hair or skin in some way or another. It’s a common anxiety response that is typical in girls with ADHD. We’ve found over the years that if we give our hands something to do, the urge to pick at skin and hair is lessened.

Need help with an ADHD girl who won't stop picking her skin or hair? These sensory toys that prevent skin or hair picking are an easy solution!

My girls enjoy fidgets because fidgets help them feel calm and relaxed while also acting as sensory toys that prevent skin or hair picking.

Sensory Toys for Picking

If your ADHD daughter struggles with picking at her hair, nails, or skin, it can be frustrating. These activities can damage skin and hair, cause infections, and sometimes even causing the girl to get sick more often because her fingers, or hair, or some other part of her body is in her mouth with unwashed hands.

That is the last thing we want for our ADHD girls, so instead, give her something to focus on that won’t lead to picking. I’ve gathered the best sensory toys that my girls used successfully to prevent skin and hair picking because of their ADHD.

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The Best Sensory Toys that Prevent Skin and Hair Picking

If you want to know the best sensory toys for picking, you’ve come to the right place. All of these toys have been tested by my three ADHD daughters (and me), who all have ADHD. The pick of each person is what they find most successful in preventing skin or hair picking.

Sensory toys for picking that can stop a picking habit in girls with ADHD. Real solutions from real girls with ADHD.

Simple Sensory Toys for Picking

My girls all adore pop-its. Sure, they’re trendy, but it also gives them something to do with their hands so they’re not bouncing in their seats or chewing their fingers or pencils during class.

My daughters enjoy Among Us, so they will enjoy this one as well. Of course, my middle daughter enjoys the typical girly-shaped pop-its. Pop-its in animal shapes are a favorite of my youngest daughter.

My middle daughter has stated that she finds the stretchy fidgets to be the most beneficial for calming down and relieving anxiety. Get yours here.

My eldest daughter prefers to fidget with a fidget cube. She enjoys spinning fidget cubes as well as fidget cubes with buttons.

Quiet Sensory Toys that Prevent Skin and Hair Picking

Not every girl with ADHD enjoys chewing, but my middle daughter has a high chewing requirement. She is constantly chewing on something, so I send her these chew necklaces to keep it from becoming her school supplies.

A tangle fidget is ideal for use in class because it makes little noise and keeps girls’ minds focused on the task at hand without distracting others. These are our top picks.

My older daughter enjoys the marble fidgets because they have a mesh texture and can be used without drawing attention to herself. This set is full of vibrant colors.

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What have you found to be the most effective remedy for skin or hair picking with your ADHD girl?

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