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How to Study Better with ADHD: Tips for Girls

If you’re wondering how to study better with ADHD as a girl or female-identifying person, you’ve come to the right place! Here we are sharing our best-kept secrets for helping girls learn how to study better with ADHD!

ADHD can present unique challenges, but as a person who has had ADHD for over 30 years, and with 3 daughters with ADHD (the oldest of which is now 16), I’ve experienced a lot on what actually helps girls with ADHD study!

Follow along and find out how we make it work in our family with 4 girls with ADHD (mom and 3 daughters).

100+ study tips and homework helps for girls with ADHD! Learn how to study better with ADHD using these easy-to-follow study tips for ADHD!

Learn How to Study Better with ADHD

Learning how to study with ADHD is a different process than it is for neurotypical or allistic girls. But, just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s impossible! There are a lot of tips and techniques that can make studying as a girl with ADHD much easier and simpler.

Follow along with our many resources on how to make studying and homework easier as a girl with ADHD.

ADHD Study Tips for Girls

Studying can be a challenge when a girl has ADHD! Here are some tips on how we make it work in our house of 4 ADHD girls.

These study spaces for focus will inspire you to create your own restful study space at home.

Learn how to develop healthy ADHD study habits and make homework time more effective.

We’ve found that these study methods for ADHD work really well at managing the struggles of homework and studying for tests!

behavior chart for adhd

Modify these tools to work with the needs of the girl you’re caring for, as not all girls with ADHD are alike.

Here are some of the ADHD essentials I use in our house:

I used this Good behavior tracker to help my girls keep track of their emptions and feelings which helps them improve awareness and reduce impulsivness.

These brain break activities are perfect for girls with ADHD who are in elementary school. We used them between homework sessions.

Here are some things that my ADHD girls find helpful at home and in the classroom:

Essential Books and for Girls with ADHD (and their caregivers)

I love these books about raising girls with ADHD!

Study Space Organization for ADHD Girls

Organizing your ADHD study space is a must! Here are some organization tips for ADHD that I’ve used with my three ADHD girls.

Check out these super fun girls study room ideas for ADHD.

Try these ideas for study space organization that will help keep your daughter’s desk clean and tidy no matter how much she struggles with executive functioning!

I love these desks for ADHD students that can make studying easier and more fun.

Here you’ll find study desk setup ideas for girls with ADHD.

And finally, learn how to set up an ADHD study space for girls.

Easy ways to learn how to study with ADHD! ADHD homework support for girls with ADHD.

Girl-Friendly ADHD Study Tools

Your daughter with ADHD will need a bit more help finding the right study tools! These ADHD study tools work for my daughters with ADHD who are currently age 3-16.

Learn what is the best study environment for ADHD.

Check out this list of my favorite ADHD study tools for girls!

Use these ADHD Motivation Tips for Girls to motivate and encourage your girl on difficult days.

And here are more ADHD Motivation Tips to try with your girl!

You might find these ADHD Charts for Home useful, and they are specifically picked so they don’t injure your daughter’s self-esteem!

These Sensory Toys for ADHD Girls can also help provide healthy fidgets for girls who need to move.

How to Study when You Have ADHD as a Girl

Are you a girl with ADHD? Have a daughter or female student with ADHD? Here are some useful study tips! There are a lot of good tips for homework and school assignments in these articles!

Caregivers and teachers can follow this guide on how to help a child with ADHD study.

And here is how to help a teenager with ADHD study!

IF you are the person with ADHD, check out this article on how to study when you have ADHD.

behavior chart for adhd

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