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DIY Fidget Necklace for Girls with ADHD

We have a lot of fun making our own DIY fidget toys for ADHD. My 3 daughters have ADHD, and I have ADHD, which means that fidgets are a huge part of our day-to-day life. This time, we made a DIY fidget necklace and it turned out awesome!

You can learn how to make the homemade fidget necklace that we did using our tutorial below.

But first, read about the benefits of fidget necklaces and make sure you have the necessary supplies before making your own fidget necklace for ADHD!

How to make the easiest DIY fidget necklace ever! You just need 3 basic supplies to make a homemade fidget necklace for ADHD!

The Benefits of Fidget Necklaces for ADHD

Fidgets are useful for girls with ADHD because they offer a focus point for the girl, which allows her to absorb information better and facilitates the learning process.

And what makes a necklace even more useful is that a necklace doesn’t look like a traditional fidget, so it may help cut down on bullying and commenting about the fidgets that your ADHD daughter uses.

Additionally, it’s hard to lose a necklace, as it’s literally tied to your body!

For girls with ADHD who often lose things that they are literally holding in their hand, this is a huge benefit.

behavior chart for adhd

What You Need to Make a DIY Fidget Necklace

Here is what you need to make your own DIY fidget necklace for girls.

If you don’t have time to make your own DIY fidget necklace, you might want to check out some of our favorite ready-to-use fidgets for ADHD!

Learn how to make a fidget necklace with this easy tutorial!

There is almost no end to the types of fidget necklaces you can make, but to learn how to make the one we use, keep reading!

How to Make a Fidget Necklace

A fidget necklace is a necklace that kids can wear to class or elsewhere that will provide a focus point for fidgeting behavior.

A fidget necklace can help prevent things like skin picking, nail biting, hair pulling, or bouncing in a seat.

A fidget necklace is particularly beneficial for girls with ADHD because they can’t lose it (unless they take it off)!

We made a fun DIY fidget necklace using stretchy fabric, pony beads, and a chain necklace. Find the directions for how to make your own necklace below!

More DIY Fidgets to Try

If you want to go beyond making a fidget necklace for girls with ADHD, there are tons of homemade fidgets that girls will love to make. Here are some of our favorite DIY fidget ideas that girls with ADHD can use in the classroom to avoid too much squirming in their chairs or fidgeting with things that they should leave alone at their desk.

Keep reading to learn how to make your own fidget necklace at home!

Step by Step Directions to Make a DIY Fidget Necklace for Girls with ADHD

Here is how to make the fidget necklace seen in this post!

Cut your stretchy fabric into thin strips about 1/2 an inch wide and about 36 inches long.

Use a variety of colors to make the necklace more fun, or stick to one or two colors for a more unified look.

lycra strips

Measure how long you want the necklace to be. 22, 24, and 30 inches are good measurements to start with. If you want to make several layers of the necklace, measure out 3-5 different chains in varying lengths.

Cut the chain to the desired length.

diy fidget necklace chain

Attach both ends of the chain to a jump ring, then attach the jump rings to a necklace clasp.

Take a strip of fabric and knot it at the top of the chain nearest the necklace clasp.

Weave the fabric in and out between the lengths of chain.

Repeat with your other fabric strips.

behavior chart for girls

If desired, you can slip pony beads or charms onto the fabric strips as you weave them to provide additional things to fidget with.

When the strip ends, or you reach the other end of the necklace, knot the fabric strip around a chain and continue with a new strip.

lycra bead necklace

Repeat this process until the necklace looks how you want it.

Your fidget necklace is ready to go!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.