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4 Simple Methods to Boost Motivation for Daughters with ADHD

Girls with ADHD can have problems with getting their work done. Children with ADHD can have difficulty holding their attention on a task or not follow through on assignments. That’s why ADHD motivation tips are so important for girls!

As a girl with ADHD, they often get easily distracted and need a little bit of help with motivation. These symptoms can start to affect their school performance, and other aspects of their life. If you need a little help finding some new motivational strategies to boost motivation for daughters with ADHD, here are some daily tips and advice I have as a mom to three ADHD girls.

4 simple methods to boost motivation for daughters with ADHD! Actionable steps that can turn a rough patch into smooth sailing!

Simple Motivation for Daughters with ADHD

You’ll soon find that there are a few tips and tricks you can employ to motivate a daughter with ADHD! Follow along with these tips and tricks to make things go a little bit smoother at your house.

Modify these tools to work with the needs of the girl you’re caring for, as not all girls with ADHD are alike.

Here are some of the ADHD essentials I use in our house:

I used this Good behavior tracker to help my girls keep track of their emptions and feelings which helps them improve awareness and reduce impulsivness.

These brain break activities are perfect for girls with ADHD who are in elementary school. We used them between homework sessions.

Here are some things that my ADHD girls find helpful at home and in the classroom:

How to Boost Motivation for Daughters with ADHD

I love my ADHD girls, but finding motivation for my daughters is sometimes difficult! This is why it’s so important to work with their doctor to come up with a plan when my tips and tricks don’t fail.

If you are struggling to help boost motivation for daughters with ADHD, employ these tips, and always contact medical professionals if things get worse instead of better.

Here is how I motivate my daughters with ADHD:

professionals if things get worse instead of better.

1. Keep track of school assignments

Whether you homeschool or your daughter goes to public school, help them and their teacher work with them to write down all of their school assignments and projects. Use a planner to make these visual for your children and so that way you know exactly what they need to do each day.

Sit down with them every day and go over what they need to do, and even color code their subjects with different folders to help them stay organized.

2. Avoid last-minute panic

Whether it’s a last minute homework assignment or household chores, procrastination is a big thing for girls with ADHD. If you want to help your kids avoid that last minute panic and learn to pace themselves, start by breaking down their projects into more bite sized chunks.

For example, if they need to read a book for school, break it down by page and chapter. Read with them on the difficult days and make rewards for milestones throughout the book. When the book needs to be completed, there won’t be a panic to get it done.

3. No more procrastination

Putting things off is not going to help your child with ADHD. It might sound like a good thing to help them put things off until they feel better or help them be self motivated, but this can often make things worse for them. Instead, try to have set times for different things whether it’s chores or homework.

This way they can easily have a set amount of time to do things each day and they won’t be able to put things off. If they need extra time, work some additional time for them, but make sure they have time to get everything done.

4. Be supportive 

The best thing you can do for your child with ADHD is be supportive. Giving them praise and support when they are having a hard time getting motivated is one of the best things you can do to help. Knowing that they have you by their side when they need it is one of the best tips I have for you as a parent. 

behavior chart for adhd

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