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The Best ADHD Sensory Tools for Girls (from an ADHD mom)

I am a woman with ADHD raising 3 daughters with ADHD. We are very familiar with the ins and outs of how ADHD presents in a female body.

My girls have unique sensory needs that other children don’t seem to have. We are always on the hunt for new ADHD sensory tools that my girls can use on a day-to-day basis.

I hope this collection of ADHD sensory tools for girls can also help other adults raising a girl with ADHD.

Over 20 ADHD sensory tools for girls! Find out how sensory tools can make all the difference for girls with ADHD! DIY, store-bought, and more!

Unique and Effective ADHD Sensory Tools

There are a lot of sensory products out there, but not everything will work for ADHD. This collection of sensory tools is exactly what girls with ADHD need to soothe them and help them deal with the tricky parts of having ADHD.

How Sensory Tools Help Girls with ADHD

A girl with ADHD is likely to struggle with attention, organization, and fidgeting. She is also likely to be very easily distracted and have a lot of anxiety.

That means that in environments when focus is required, an ADHD girl might struggle to act in a way that is considered “appropriate” by society.

I’ve found that using ADHD sensory tools really helps my daughters not only stay focused in school, but also it helps reduce anxiety in unknown situations and keep them grounded and engaged with lessons and other things they should pay attention do throughout the day.

My daughters couldn’t get through the day without the help of their sensory tools!

ADHD Books about Girls

I love these books about raising girls with ADHD!

The Best ADHD Sensory Tools for Girls

I have three daughters with ADHD as well as having ADHD myself. That means we’re quite familiar with all the ADHD sensory tools out there! Check out the info below on some of our favorite sensory tools for girls with ADHD.

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Fidgety Child Sensory Hacks

Parents and caregivers know that girls with ADHD are often fidgety. These fidgety child sensory hacks are a lifesaver!

Sensory Toys for Girls

These sensory toys for girls will help girls with ADHD stay focused and grounded.

Homemade Sensory Toys for ADHD

Why not make your own homemade sensory toys for ADHD? Learn how here.

DIY Sensory Fidgets

These DIY sensory fidgets will give your ADHD girl something to do and create for hours that she can use later as a sensory tool!

Sensory Toys for ADHD

Check out these fun sensory toys for ADHD to find ways to relive the common side effects of ADHD in girls.

Sensory Tools for ADHD

These sensory tools for ADHD are essential for any ADHD caregiver.

t means we're quite familiar with all the ADHD sensory tools out there! Check out the info below on some of our favorite sensory tools for girls with ADHD.

DIY Sensory Toys

Check out these fun DIY sensory toys that your daughter can make!

Sensory Objects for ADHD

These sensory objects for ADHD relive common symptoms of anxiety and ADHD.

DIY Sensory Toys for Anxiety

If your ADHD girl has anxiety, then she will appreciate these DIY sensory toys for anxiety.

Sensory Toys for Picking

If your daughter picks at nails, hair, or skin, then you need to check out these sensory toys for picking so you can give your daughter something else to focus on.

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